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Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit: 100% Funding

When it comes to a guarantee in funding with a traditional lender, money is assured in three weeks with an excellent credit score. At some financing companies, it is still possible to get cash in a couple of days with a strict repayment policy. But PaydayLoanTeller is one among only a few places where you get guaranteed installment loans for bad credit- instantly on your online application which takes only 3 minutes to complete. The same goes for those with no credit history as well. The repayment term for a guaranteed personal installment loan worth $1,000 can be up to 3 months. For a lower amount also you can choose the term on the basis of your income. The reason behind the loan can be anything. We put no restriction so that you get a 100% chance to borrow money.

You may be aware of the fact that most traditional lenders do not approve loans of those borrowers with bad credit. That’s because they consider your past financial status as a means to decide whether or not they should go ahead with funding you. However, that becomes difficult for most youngsters in the U.S. who choose to start an independent life at a very young age. Lending a loan to an individual who has poor credit is considered to be a risk for them, which is why they term them as “high risk borrowers”. Also, the hard credit checks conducted by these lenders can further reduce the credit rating, making it even more difficult for these individuals to get a loan elsewhere. However, considerate direct lenders like PaydayLoanTeller understand that one may have faced difficulties in the past in order to repay their loan, but we don’t hold that against you in the present. We have very basic requirements which once fulfilled can allow you to borrow a loan even with a faulty credit rating.

Avail Guaranteed Installment Loans for bad credit from Direct Lenders Only

Just after reading a post about guaranteed loans, do not get excited. Many lending predators, especially the matching services, have devised this way to put you in a debt trap. They often lure customers into borrowing loans from them by making their offerings look very appealing. They may do this by not asking for any kind of documentation at all, but instead ask for fee of various kinds prior to funding you. “Application fee”, “processing fee” and more are terms used by them to trick you into paying money beforehand, after which you may not even get funded. Also, some lenders are basically third party lenders who may spread your confidential information all around the lending market which can in turn disrupt your situation further. You may start getting a ton of calls from various lenders thus making life more difficult for you, just to know that you aren’t even getting funded. For a secure lending experience, always avail guaranteed installment loans for bad credit from direct lenders only- such as PaydayLoanTeller. Since we fund you directly, only we can give you the guarantee of funds. Apart from that, we keep your personal details secure and do not share them without your consent. Similarly, we have the full authority over the interest rates, and we try to keep them as low as possible. A Third party lender always keeps it high to make a huge profit even without instantly approving any installment loans.

Why Online Installment Loans are Better than Store Based Loans

why choose guaranteed installment loans

No travel time: The fact that you are required to apply online ensures that you don’t have to travel all the way to a store in order to apply.

24/7 Accessibility: The fact that we are online means that we are accessible to apply for a loan with, 24×7! You don’t have to take out time during the “opening hours” of store based lenders to apply for a loan from your busy schedule.

Don’t miss out on a full/half day’s salary: If you go to a store based lender, chances are that you may have to miss out on a whole day’s worth of salary because applying with them is a long process. However, with online installment loans, you don’t have to waste a day or miss out on a day’s salary since all you have to do is take out 3 minutes from your busy schedule in order to apply.

No paperwork: Since we are based online, you can avoid going through the hassle of a ton of paperwork. What you do need to send across are the soft copies of the very basic documents that we ask for.

Instant Approvals: We approve your loan as soon as we receive your request as long as the requirements that we put down have been met.

Immediate Transfers: Even our transfers are online! You can avoid travelling just to pick up your money as our ACH does all the work for you.

Guaranteed Installment Loans may Work Better for you than Payday Loans

Guaranteed Installment Loans

Installment loans are meant to be repaid in parts over the course of a few months. This can help you repay your loan in an easier way in case repaying a payday loan in lump-sum seems difficult. If you’re in financial trouble, taking a guaranteed installment loan is the right answer over a payday loan. A payday loan in such a situation can push you further into a debt trap if you fail to repay it. You may end up taking a loan from another lender just to repay your current loan and the cycle of debt may just never stop. However, with installment loans, you may not even realize how little of  a difference it makes with relation to the expense involved when it comes to repayment, since it may be as little as nothing.

Don’t let payday lenders trick you into believing that their loans are good for you when you have the option of applying for and getting an installment loan.

Earn a Guaranteed Approval on Installment Loans

Our guaranteed approval on installment loans is given instantly to borrowers that qualify for funding. These guaranteed installment loans are issued with no credit checks, so credit scores are not vital for eligibility. What we do depend on is your present situation which mainly relies on your income status. As long as you have a stable monthly income, we shall be happy to fund you. A stable monthly income assures repayment, which is why we do not believe that funding you is a risk irrespective of whether you have fair, bad or no credit history at all. Apart from that, what matters, on the other hand, are the following:

  • Social Security Number
  • Age proof- must be 18 at least
  • Valid contact information
  • Checking account details
  • Income proof

requirements of guaranteedinstallment loans 
If you have the required information with you, our online application is open 24/7. Just fill out the form and earn an instant approval to get the funds directly deposited in your checking account today all while enjoying a flexible repayment term.

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