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What are Direct Deposit Loans and whom do they serve?

Ever faced an urgent need for money? You’re certainly not alone in that boat. Almost every working individual with a routine job would’ve faced such situations in life, and certainly not just once. Traditional loans can be time-taking and are not always likely to provide the funds you need. Direct deposit loans, can serve you as they are great for such situations. Same day deposit payday loans are suitable as they are specifically designed to:

  • Provide funds with ease
  • Feature quick processes
  • Offer easy eligibility
  • Require no pre-registration
  • Accept most credit scores

These qualities make them ideal for people who:

  • Face an urgent need for cash
  • Encounter unexpected travel expenses
  • Need funds for emergencies
  • Have dues to pay that cannot be delayed
  • Who need to address last-minute expenditures

So, if you need funds soon for any purpose, worry not, as you have a solution at your fingertips. While some individuals approach friends and family during such times, the right loan can also be an option and it can save you from the potential embarrassment and discomfort that borrowing from peers may be associated with.

Direct Deposit Loans Online vs. Pawn Lenders

You can get a direct deposit loan in one of two forms depending upon the source – direct deposit loans online and direct deposit loans from pawn lenders. Today, online lending solutions have virtually replaced pawn-store based solutions due to many practical reasons like:

  • Serving often as emergency financial solutions, online loans are preferable due to ease of access
  • It is hard to assess the legitimacy and customer friendliness of pawn-lenders
  • Lower costs encountered by online services, often benefit consumers with lower tariffs
  • You can avoid paperwork – store-based lenders often do not offer this advantage

With Payday Loans, Instant Deposit can be offered

It might require a lot of time to get a loan approval and credit when you choose a traditional lender, which can be hard on you when you need money urgently. When it comes to payday loans, instant deposits can be an option that makes borrowing during times of urgent needs, a viable option. This is so because payday loans work in a different way than traditional loans – they are short-term financial solutions that offer smaller amounts of money, and hence they require lesser safety measures and verifications. This allows for quick loan approval and quick deposit, and hence the money required can indeed be delivered soon enough for most needs.

We at PaydayLoanTeller offer instant deposit payday loans of up to $1,000 (subject to eligibility) – once we approve your loan and you accept our loan offer, there’s no delay in the payment being processed into your account and the money is yours to use as soon as your bank completes processing the transaction.

Same Day Deposit Payday Loan up to $1,500

If you need a larger sum of money, you can apply for a payday loan that provides a same-day deposit and with us, you can secure up to $1,500 (subject to eligibility). As you’d find when you read ahead, it is easy to qualify for our payday loans. We also offer great flexibility – should you wish to extend the loan tenure, we can offer such options too and you can enjoy the benefits of an installment loan that can be repaid in bi-monthly or monthly installments. And yes, bad credit scores can also get you such a loan as long as you’re eligible for the loan and have a stable income. The next section explains how this works, and it gives us the ride to state that borrowers of all credit scores have secured loans from PaydayLoanTeller satisfactorily.

Payday Loans, Instant Deposit and Bad Credit

Typically, lenders offering payday loans do not offer instant deposits for borrowers with bad credit. This is especially the case for store-based lenders. This is so because it is likely to be increasing the risk associated with the lending transaction. However, we provide income-based loans which we approve only for borrowers with a stable income. This way, we can provide an instant deposit on a bad credit payday loan as well, hence serving people more effectively.
So, worry not if your credit scores are low. Simply apply with PaydayLoanTeller and your loan requirements shall be fulfilled as long as you meet our simple loan eligibility terms. Income-based short-term loans are practical solutions and given the short tenure of the loan, we at PaydayLoanTeller do not filter low credit scores, and instead base loan approval primarily upon your income, to ensure there is enough loan safety.

Getting an Instant Deposit Payday Loan Online was never easier

Instant deposit payday loans were once a challenge. Then came online lenders and everything was simplified. Yet, as a borrower,  you may feel hesitant with such loans, due to the natural resistances that come with change, or due to the still complex processes that some lenders who have transitioned from physical lending to being online service providers employ.

At PaydayLoanTeller, we have built our service platform from scratch and designed a fully online platform. And this is where the real advantages can be found. Instant deposit payday loans can be secured from our service with no difficulties – a brief online application is all it takes to get you started and thereafter, once your eligibility is verified, a loan offer follows. Upon acceptance of the offer which is also done electronically, the instant deposit is processed and the funds are yours to use as soon as your bank processes our transaction. What’s more? Even repayments are just as easy. We schedule ACH transactions as per the loan agreement and you need not worry about the payment schedule anymore.

Requirements for Quick Loans offering Direct Deposit

For a quick loan with direct deposit from our end, you shall simply need to provide these details and documents:

  • Your age proof (you should be 18 years or older)
  • Bank or checking account details
  • Active contact details
  • SSN
  • 3 months’ Income statement / Paystubs

Being a US citizen or permanent resident who earns a monthly income of $1,000 or above, you’re eligible for a payday loan from us. However, certain state laws do not currently support payday lending and some states limit the loan amounts and tenures. Please check the applicable regulations in your state of residence for further information.

Get Payday Loans Online: Same Day Deposit – Direct Lender’s Promise

If you’re in urgent need of money, you can rest assured that we are here to serve you. We are an online direct lender of payday loans, offering same-day deposits of loans up to $1,500 and you can enjoy the biggest benefits of dealing with a direct lender  by choosing us – we add no commissions or brokerage charges, and accept bad credit scores.

So, why wait? Simply head to our online application form and if you meet our eligibility requirements, we shall provide you a direct deposit payday loan that helps you meet your requirements.

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