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Advantages of Direct Payday Lenders

When you need the best out of a service, you know that you must always go to the source. The same applies to internet loans as well, which means online payday loans from direct lenders must always be the preferred option. However, questions like what direct lending is or how it is different from another payday lending might trouble you. Hence we, at PaydayLoanTeller introduce ourselves as direct payday lenders, providing all solutions for online payday lending. With our online direct lending, you can explore various advantages that the quick approval of our cash advances entitle you. We are always ready to provide assistance 24/7 for any information regarding your fast cash loans with us.

The money market is full of competition with hoards of flex pay loans offers, with some payday loan direct lenders offering really competitive rates. In such a scenario, if you are ever in need of an express cash loan, why should you choose PaydayLoanTeller as your direct payday lender online? Have a look at some of our perks as a payday lenders, which answer this question adequately:

  • Easy secure and fast lending
  • 1-hour loan approval with money deposited in 24 hours.
  • Ready to use funds by the next business day
  • No need of standing in queues or meeting stringent eligibility criteria
  • Competitive and affordable payback policy
  • Online application and approval, available round the year

So with these USPs, our cash loans could cost much less than a bounced cheque charge and missing the wage of one working day while waiting in a line for a loan from a pawn broker. We at PaydayLoanTeller with our online direct lending strive to provide you the perfect solution for getting you cash ready in distress.

Payday Loans from Online Direct Lenders Comes with Instant Approval

Every day we receive numerous loan applications from people who are badly in need of cash and can’t wait until their next salary arrives. If you are in such a need, we can provide you with quick no credit check loans which also serve people with bad credit, always within a day. Our application works from your computer, smartphone or tablet. You’d just need to fill up the loan application form along with few personal and employment credentials and provide the details of checking account where you want the loan money to be deposited. Our payday loan executives will work as fast as possible to process your loan within hours. Without any hassles, you shall find your required emergency loan waiting for you in your designated account. Another great fact is that few online payday loans from direct lenders like PaydayLoanTeller come with instant approvals.

With PaydayLoanTeller, bad credit can never prevent you from accessing loans with no credit check. The reason is that we always consider how a borrower will repay back rather than what is reflected by past transactions. Hence employment and bank verification are always skipped, which also save time for us and the borrowers. Moreover, our payday advances are designed and redesigned to always be flexible enough to suit the needs of every borrower. For example, our repayment structure has two options, which are:

  • Pay the entire amount at one single go – fewer days, lesser expense and shorter time of burden
  • Pay the amount in parts as an installment loan – longer repayment time, more attractive offers, easier to manage repayments

Why Choose a Payday Loans from Direct Lenders Only

It is our advice for borrowers to avoid taking a risk in lender selection. Guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders only, can provide you with a trusted and reliable lending transaction at the best value. Moreover with us as your lender, you shall not be disturbed by unwanted phone calls, unwanted bulk emails on the mailbox or pestering telemarketing calls. We guarantee that your personal information will be safe with us as we ensure no third party interference; we also never sell your data to outsiders. Serving borrowers with a seamless procedure, PaydayLoanTeller offers no fax payday loans as fast as you want.

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