1. What is a payday loan?

Best defined as small amount instant cash, which are very usable in times of emergency. Since these cash advances are pledged to be paid by the next salary date, they are also synonymized as payday advances. These easy loans are suitable for temporary cash need and are inappropriate for long-term usage. Both online and storefront lenders are available for payday cash advances.

  1. Are online payday lenders better than storefront lenders?

Online payday loans have multiple benefits in comparison to storefront lenders such as:-

  • Fast instant approval
  • Direct cash deposit in checking account by same day or next business day (maximum)
  • No need to stand in queues.
  • No faxing, no writing checks required
  1. What costs can be covered by these emergency payday loans?

An online cash advance can cover almost any kind one-time cash need. However some of the probable uses are:-

  • Emergency medical bill
  • Vehicle repair bills
  • Home repairing / renovations
  • Loan EMI
  • Home rents
  • Utility and lifestyle bills
  1. How can I have a 1 hour approval?

Getting the cash loan approval in 1 hour is not a rocket science. All you need to do is fill in up the online application form, e-sign the loan documents and get up to $1000 in your checking account. Apart from a PC you can apply for these quick loans through any mobile device like laptop, tablets, and phone as well.

  1. What are the eligibility criteria for such easy loans?

An applicant must have:-

  • Employment history for 3 months minimum
  • A working bank account with minimum 3 months history
  • A minimum regular monthly income of at least $1000.
  • You must not be a bankruptcy filer
  1. Is there any need of faxing documents?

We ensure a zero paper work procedure, because ours is an exclusive funding module that requires no faxing of any documents.

  1. How much cash advance am I entitled for?

Generally we offer up to$1000 as maximum limit, and you can borrow anything in this range based on your monthly income. For the first time borrowers, we typically give $500 as payday advance.

  1. How can I raise my bar approval limit to $1000?

After your first repayment is completed successfully, and you establish yourself as a trustworthy borrower $100 will be add to your maximum loan limit. However, we don’t have provision for providing loans more than $1000.

  1. How much time it would take for the loan approval?

As we have told our loans have instant online decision. Upon the completion of your loan request, we will immediately contact you via mail or phone in our normal business hours which is Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. For those loans that has been requested after business hours, we will contact you on the next business day. However owing to state norms and verification procedures, some loan application might have to face a little delay.

  1. I am a bad credit scorer. Do you offer loans only after credit checks?

Being direct lenders, our payday loan have a guaranteed approval for bad credit. So we prefer soft credit checks. Poor credit score holders or even no credit scorers, everyone is eligible to qualify for our loan.

  1. What is an APR?

Annual interest of the loan is known as APR (Annual Percentage Rate). For detailed information, have a look at our fees page.

  1. What will be the overall loan cost?

We being legitimate and trusted payday lender, we abide by all the rules and regulations of lending enforced by the state. We charge $30 for every $100 which makes our APR in the range of 365.00% to 1564.28%.

  1. Are there any limitation on the funds usage?

You can use the funds form cash advance in any manner you like.

  1. Is it possible to apply for a payday advance on weekends?

Sure…but you won’t be able to get a fast cash on weekends. If you submit the application near to the end of business day on Friday or on weekends as on Saturdays or Sundays, your loan your requested funds will be deposited only on next business day, which is Monday.

  1. If not required, can I cancel my payday loan?

Surely you can have the cancellation, but you must return the loan before the end of the next business day. Say, if you get the loan on Wednesday, you will have to return the loan money by 5:00pm in Thursday, and that wouldn’t levy penalty charges.

  1. What is the repayment procedure of the no credit check loan?

No credit check payday loans have an e-repayment module, which deduct your due amount automatically from your next salary. It is as simple and convenient as receiving funds. The withdrawal will be done electronically by ACH transaction, from the bank account authorized by you. Hence there wouldn’t be any need of writing a check. But for any change regarding the banking information, please mail the new banking details to support@paydayloanteller.com at least two business days, prior to the due date.

  1. What is an Automatic Clearing House transaction (ACH)?

Automatic Clearing House transaction or ACH is a method of depositing or withdrawing funds from an account electronically. When you write a check for paying up the loan, you authorize us for the ACH transaction.

  1. Are there any chances of you withdrawing excess amount than stipulated?

Not by any means, PaydayLoanTeller is an authorized legit payday lender and we follow all rules of NACHA. Conforming to the state and federal laws we would never withdraw money more than you authorize us.

  1. What happens in case of failure to repay?

In case you are unable to repay the loan, let us know 2 days prior your due date. You can ask for extending the loan term, but you will have to make the minimum payment, that will include finance charge of $30 for every $100 and the APR that will be in the range of 365 to 1564%. But we would suggest you to reduce the principle amount if possible, to reduce the interest overall.

  1. What is the fees for non-sufficient funds (NSF) ?

We charge $20 as NSF fee.

  1. Can I repay the loan earlier?

Yes surely you can do that and you wouldn’t be charged of any prepayment penalties. But do mail us at support@paydayloanteller.com, for the necessary proceedings.

  1. Do you approve tenure extension and partial payments?

If due to unavoidable circumstances if you are unable to make the payment, you can extend the term till the next pay date. You can also make partial payments, if your prefer so, but you will have to make a minimum installment of $5 at least, excluding the additional charges.

  1. Do you assure complete confidentiality of my shared personal information?

As a trusted direct lender, with no third party mediation, we can assure you complete confidentiality of your shared information. The transaction details are encrypted to the highest standards and with processing through a secured SSL server.

  1. I am a military personnel, Am I entitled for a quick online loan from you?

Thank you for considering our service and your service to the country is highly appreciated. But presently we do not have provisions for providing cash loans to military persons.

  1. Are your loans expensive?

We abide by the state and federal rules of standard rate in the market. So if you borrow and payback responsibly, our loans will be very inexpensive.


Still not satisfied with the answer? For any further queries or details; kindly email us at support@paydayloanteller.com,

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