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Bad Credit Installment Loans from Direct Lenders

Bad Credit Installment Loans

Everything in life is good until you face a financial crisis. It becomes worse when your credit rating turns bad because of regular borrowing and not being able to pay on due because of short repayment terms. It is the worst when credit companies reject to fund you further because of a poor credit rating. In such situations, maybe you did not have any solution before, but now you do! PaydayLoanTeller offers you to take a bad credit installment loan from a direct lender with guaranteed approval that not only injects cash into your account immediately but also helps you fix your credit rating by having a longer repayment term of up to 3 months! The incredible thing about such a poor credit installment loan is that you get cash up to $1,000 for any kind of emergency.

Quick Installment Loans even for Bad Credit

A situation in which one needs immediate funding but has bad credit can be stressful. Plus, if family and friends aren’t in a situation to help, or if you yourself are the bread earner of the family, matters can get worse. Getting a regular loan from a traditional lender is out of the question due to their hard credit checks that not only reduce the chances of you getting funded by other borrowers as well but you also don’t get any funds by them. We say so because hard credit checks can further hamper your already existing poor credit score making it tough for you to get funded elsewhere.

Think of a situation in which a girl called Kendall needs to travel from Nevada to Alabama in order to meet her family, but has bad credit. She has to travel in order to cater to an urgent matter so she decides to get in touch with a traditional lender.

To do, she first has to look for lenders near her on the internet. After that, she has to spend time and money on commuting to the store. The next step is to stand in a long queue waiting for her turn. After all of that, what she’s needed to do is to fill forms and complete her paperwork. Once she does that, she hops from the existing queue to another in order to submit her documents. Once that’s done, she would need to travel all the way to her workplace, the revenue of which has been decreased to half due to her availability being able to be just for half the day at office. She spends time and money on that as well. Finally, she goes back home only to know that her request has been denied due to her poor credit rating. Interesting yet a sad story, isn’t it?

So what Kendall basically experienced through the day was long queues, lots of travel and a lot more wastage of money that could’ve been avoided if only she had decided to first apply online with a direct lender like PaydayLoanTeller who offers funding even for bad credit.

Now let’s put it the other way round and see how her day would’ve gone if she had instead chosen to apply online first.

Kendall would’ve had to take out any 3 minutes from the 24 hours we get in the day to apply, which could’ve even been during her lunch break at work. After that, she would’ve had to submit these very basic documents in the form of soft copies which is why travelling, paperwork, long queues, faxing and much more could’ve been avoided. After that, she could’ve gotten back to work with a big smile on her face as we would’ve instantly approved her loan request, irrespective of her bad credit rating. Then, she would’ve gone ahead with her day, focused on her work, applied for leave and done her daily chores on time after which she would’ve received her installment loan just 24 hours later at the max.

Isn’t that a better deal than spending loads of time on applying with a store based lender without guaranteed funding?

If only a friend or a family member had told Kendall about PaydayLoanTeller, the second story would’ve been her reality and she wouldn’t have had to waste time on applying with a traditional lender.


What’s more? Since this isn’t a payday loan, she gets to repay her loan in installments without stressing about repaying it in lump-sum since we understand her current financial situation.

These Bad Credit Installment Loans Are Not Expensive Payday Loans

Our bad credit installment loans are far more borrower-friendly than the typical expensive payday loan. A payday loan usually gives low cash amounts and often borrowing money is difficult with bad credit. On top of that, the very short repayment term either puts you in a debt trap or causes a huge penalty on missing the due. Everything said, let’s not forget about the high APR rates and on top of that if you are going for a third party lender, the extra processing charges and fees! Compared to those, our short term online installment loans give higher cash amounts at lower interest rates, longer terms, with free application and no hidden fees, guaranteed funding on the same day of application, and a secure and automatic process. If you are a regular user, you enjoy even more benefits!

Securing Installment Loans for Poor Credit

With a 24/7 online service, it is always a matter of 3 minutes to successfully apply for an installment loan for poor credit from PaydayLoanTeller if you have the following-

requirements of installment loans for poor credit

  • A Social Security Number
  • A checking bank account
  • Contact information
  • Income proof
  • Age proof- 18 or more

A bad credit installment loan with no credit check from PaydayLoanTeller can heal your poor credit while addressing the cash shortage. Apply now for a guaranteed instant approval!

Get your bad credit installment loan from a legitimate direct lender

Don’t get tricked by the fraudulent lenders offering loans to you! Many scamsters on the internet offer loans and claim that they are for those who have bad credit ratings. They may call it payday loans, installment loans or others, but are actually there to trick you into spending money on a scam.

What they do is that they offer loans without asking for any documentation at all and probably ask you to fill up a basic form stating your personal details. They then usually need you to pay a basic fee, maybe of around 20 dollars and call it an “application fee” or a “processing fee”, and deny your loan later on. You in turn lose even the little money that you had left with you, making matters even worse.

Always keep in mind not to provide any money at all to a lender before he/she transfers funds to you. Remember that you’re the one in need for money and not your lender. Don’t get tricked by illegitimate lenders who may pass on your information to third parties or trick you into giving them money even before getting funded.

At PaydayLoanTeller, rest assured that your information is safe with us since we use high levels of encryption which makes sure that your information reaches us safely and securely. We also don’t provide your confidential information to fraudulent lenders who use your information only to keep on bothering you by calling you up and asking you if you’re in need for money every now and then.

We also do not require you to pay before we approve and transfer funds and our bad credit installment loans are required to be repaid in parts over the course of a few months.

Apply now to get an online installment loan if you have bad credit, from an online direct lender in just 24 hours.

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