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Long-Term Installment Loans from PaydayLoanTeller

Sometimes, all we need is some extra cash, quickly. However, not always do traditional lenders like banks approve our loans on time. Imagine a situation wherein a boy named John has just moved out of home and needs money to get through the month. He’s paid for rent, for electricity and water, but needs some extra funding in order to buy groceries and other home essentials like kitchen equipment and more. His friends and family aren’t in a situation to lend him a decent amount of money, so he approaches a bank. The bank first takes into consideration the fact that he has no credit history at all and don’t approve his loan immediately. They require collateral in order to be able to approve his loan and John has nothing of the kind to offer.



He then decides to opt for a payday loan, so he looks for lenders online. However, he realizes that it is too pressurizing for him to repay a payday loan since he will have to repay his loan in lump-sum. He fears getting caught in a debt trap due to this reason and therefore looks for a better alternative. He then luckily comes across our long term installment loans online and voila! He knows that this is what he should opt for.

Our long-term installment loans need to be repaid in parts over the course of a few months which make repayments as easy as they sound. Now John can get a loan that he doesn’t need to repay as a whole, in just a few hours and doesn’t have to wait for his pay check in order to get the money that he needs. He can now live a comfortable life without stressing about repayments or not having enough money.

Get Unsecured Long- Term Installment Loans

unsecured long term installment loans

You may be wondering if lenders like us ask for collateral in order to fund you. The answer is no. Our long term installment loans are unsecured which make it easy for almost everybody to get a loan. Remember that John was asked for “collateral” by the bank? That’s security for the bank in case he fails to repay his loan. Collateral are valuables offered to lenders who ask them, such as cars and houses that have to be given away in case one fails to repay. These are especially asked for by borrowers who have bad or no credit histories. This can cause a lot of stress to borrowers who are already in financial trouble. With installment loans, it is almost impossible for borrowers to not be able to repay them.

That’s why, being a considerate online direct lender, PaydayLoanTeller doesn’t pressurize their clients by asking for security of any kind at all. Whether you have bad credit, no credit or good credit isn’t our concern at all and we shall offer unsecured long-term installment loans for bad credit too. All we need for you to have is a few basic documents that we ask for during application which is enough to help us fund you.

It is Now Easy to Get a Long-Term, Same Day Installment Loan Online

When you need cash fast, going to a traditional lender isn’t really the best option. Their hard credit checks and tons of other requirements make getting cash fast quite a task. Apart from that, their hard credit checks can also cause a reduction in your credit rating, thus making it difficult for you to get a loan elsewhere.

With store based direct lenders, you will need to first take the day off from work, travel all the way to a store, wait in long queues to apply and then go through a ton of paperwork and faxing.

However, there’s good news for you! With online direct lenders like PaydayLoanTeller, all you have to do is spare 3 minutes from your daily schedule which can be done during a break at work, apply online by filling our very basic form and send across soft copies of a few documents that include:

  • Income statement/ Pay stub
  • Social Security Number
  • Age Proof (18+)
  • Verifiable Contact Details
  • Checking Account Details

Requirements of long term installment loans


You don’t have to worry about having a bad credit score or about offering a security pledge of any sort as we require just the above mentioned basic documents and nothing more. As long as you have a stable monthly income, you shall get funded by us. We shall approve your loan as soon as you apply and transfer funds immediately which will reach you within 24 hours at the max. depending on the policies of your bank.

Getting funded is now really easy with same day long-term installment loans from PaydayLoanTeller.

Take a Long Term Installment Loan with No Credit Check

PaydayLoanTeller offers long term installment loans with no credit check for people with every kind of credit rating. If you have been rejected by other lenders for poor or no credit, try your luck with a lender with a fresh lending approach for cash up to $1,000. We offer instant approval, lower interest rates, cash directly in your checking account- so no check writing or faxing is required. On top of that, you get a repayment term up to 3 months, so you get enough time to fix your credit and maybe save some money depending on your income level. It takes only 3 minutes to apply for a bad credit long term installment loans online from your phone or computer.

Availing Direct Lender Long Term Installment Loans for Bad Credit

Availing long term installment loans for bad credit from PaydayLoanTeller is extremely smooth. All you need is to be at least 18 with an SSN number, checking account, contact details and income proof. Any time and for any kind of financial emergency you can apply for long term loans with no credit checks from your direct lender, and we will fund you instantly once we find your income stability is enough to get debt free by the due. There is no paperwork or teletrack involved and your funding as well as repayment will be done automatically in secure ways. While choosing a term we schedule the repayment dates, and the payment gets done from the checking account. You don’t have to remember it or worry about missing the date and paying any penalty.

We are constantly working to make funding even more borrower-friendly. Become our regular user and avail even better rates, and higher amounts of cash!

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