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Guaranteed Bad Credit Loans with Monthly Payments from PaydayLoanTeller

Urgent Loans for Bad Credit

A lot of times in life, we’re faced with emergencies that are unavoidable and bills that have to be settled. Not everyone is lucky enough, moneywise, and not everyone can afford to deal with these situations on their own, without borrowing cash elsewhere. What’s more? Many of us have a bad credit score which makes it even harder to borrow cash.

A traditional lender will in most likelihood deny funding to those with poor credit scores. This makes things even tougher as apart from being denied funding, their hard credit checks make matters worse by reducing the already existing bad credit rating of the borrower.

However, you can now heave a sigh of relief as PaydayLoanTeller offers bad credit loans with monthly payments and no credit check which is a treat to high risk borrowers who find it difficult to get funded elsewhere.

You could be in a situation in which you need the loan and are sure to pay it within a short period. That’s when we are willing to overlook your bad credit history and grant you a loan in the fastest way possible. Why should you be stopped because of a bad credit history? Why can’t you get just one more chance? What if you can get the loan you are looking for within a short span of time? If you could connect to any of the questions, well you’re at the right place. Yes, we offer loans to apply for with bad credit that are suitable for urgent needs.

Bad Credit Loans Online with Monthly Payments from Direct Lenders – Why Choose Them?

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When you’re in dire need of cash and have a poor credit score, in most likelihood you’re probably in a bad financial situation. That means that missing out on a whole day’s salary may not be beneficial to you in any way. If you choose to apply for a payday loan with a store based lender, you should be prepared to spend a whole day doing that. Going to a store based lender includes a ton of time consuming procedures starting with travelling all the way in the first place. After that, you will have to wait in long queues for your turn and then fill a truckload of forms just to get a small cash advance. After going through all of that, you may or may not be granted a loan since funding isn’t guaranteed and you may not know about their offerings and requirements till the time you apply with such lenders, thus making things even more difficult for you. You may then have to go through the same process with multiple lenders till you find one who’s willing to fund you. This will make you end up losing out on an entire day’s work and in turn an entire day’s salary, which you probably cannot afford to lose.

However, with online loan lenders like PaydayLoanTeller, you can avoid losing out on an entire day’s salary or any money at all, since it takes just about 3 minutes to fill our very basic online form. You can choose to apply with us at a time that’s most convenient to you and you don’t have to worry about applying only during the day or certain specified “opening hours” unlike the case with store based lenders. Also, applying with us excludes any kind of paperwork at all and all we ask for are soft copies of the very basic documents required to qualify you as a trusted borrower. Our rates and requirements are transparent which helps borrowers take a call about whether to apply with us or not. As long as you meet our very basic requirements there shall be no problem funding you. In case you don’t, you can choose to avoid applying for a payday loan with poor credit with us and avoid wasting your time. Once we receive your application along with the documents that we ask for, we ensure to immediately approve your poor credit loan and transfer funds within 24 hours.

Assured Monthly Loans for Bad Credit

A good credit score or a bad credit score depends upon a set of factors that tell you if you are eligible for a loan. According to the FICO score chart, one is rated exceptional when the score is around 800-850. A score of 300-579 fetches you a “very poor” credit remark. The rest range from moderate to very good scores which are satisfactory.

It is obvious that a good credit score increases one’s chance to get a loan request instantly approved. And as the score goes lower and lower, lenders tend to reject the applications. But what if we told you that your credit score is no longer the reason holding you back from taking a loan? Yes, we give loans despite a bad credit history. We make sure to not only accept your loan request but also guarantee that it will be approved based on the need. We strive to help you when in dire need of cash and let you repay the loan within a short period of time. This no longer weighs the burden of a loan on your head and also saves your day.

If you meet our eligibility criteria and seek a loan of an amount that you can safely repay (as per your income), we guarantee the approval of your bad credit loan with monthly repayments application.

Why Poor Credit Loans are Beneficial

  • You can apply for a loan for poor credit with any credit rating; bad, good and no history
  • You get an instant approval on the application for a cheap loan
  • You can take out a direct deposit of funds up to $1,000
  • You get one of the most competitive APR rates
  • You can pay off the loan in a single payment or in several installments over 3 months
  • Repayments are done automatically, so no risk of penalty

Bad Credit Loans with Monthly Payments from Direct Lenders

A lot of people apply for bad credit loans with monthly repayments not just to get assured funding, but also to improve their credit scores. Yes, you read that right! A credit score can be improved by taking payday loans. How, you ask? Each time you repay a loan, it affects your credit score. If you repay your loan late, your credit score may worsen, but if you make your repayment on the due date, it improves your score. People with bad credit often choose to apply for bad credit loans online with monthly repayments in order to improve their credit ratings which can fetch them better offers in the future in terms of interest rates.

Poor Credit Loans are Unsecured at PaydayLoanTeller

Unlike traditional lenders, considerate direct lenders like PaydayLoanTeller do not require you to offer any kind of security pledge even if you have a faulty credit score. That’s because we understand that if you are stuck in a bad financial situation, you may firstly not have anything major to offer as collateral. That doesn’t mean that funding is impossible in your situation and we make it easy for individuals like you to get cash advances when you need it the most.

Our requirements for all borrowers are the same and a credit rating doesn’t determine who we offer a loan to. As long as you meet our very basic and simple requirements, you shall get the money that you need in just 24 hours.

Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approvals and Monthly Repayments are now Just a Click Away

When you choose to opt for bad credit loans that come with monthly repayment options, you don’t have to worry about missing out on work, time or money since all you have to do to obtain these loans is take out 3 minutes from your daily schedule and apply online itself. No paperwork, no faxing and no long queues makes it an ideal way to get a small cash advance even with a credit score of 500 or less, so if you are a high risk borrower, you can heave a sigh of relief and get a low credit score loan in just minutes.

Apply now and get a cash advance for poor credit without the requirement for collateral, in just one day.


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