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Flex Loans Online: The Name Justified!


Payday loans are not necessarily a feasible option for everybody. They have to be repaid on a certain date and in lump-sum which can get difficult for a few people. Sometimes, one may receive his/her salary late, while others may be out of money due to losing their job or having to spend their money elsewhere in order to fix an urgent matter. In such situations, opting for an online flex loan from a direct lender can come in handy.

If you are one of those who is frustrated due to the repayment terms of traditional cash loans, then get a flex loan online and don’t bother about the next salary day. These cash flex loans can be repaid in multiple installments over 3 months, which gives you a flexible schedule. Unplanned expenditures due to any kind of emergency- medical, household or outstanding debt is a temporary situation. A money loan sshould just help people recover from that situation rather than put them in a debt cycle. That is why online flex loans are undoubtedly the best; they not only give you enough time for debt repayment but also offer lower APR rates. That way, you do not have to undergo a ton of financial pressure even if you borrow up to $1,000. Apart from that, these small-dollar loans can be availed with a poor credit status as well.

Flex loans are easy to repay and don’t become a burden during repayment. You may not even feel that your pocket is being emptied while repaying this loan since you will have to repay it over a few months in parts.

Flexible Loans Are Easy To Apply For

Online applications: Since we are based online, applying with us as easy as it can get. All you have to do is pick up your smart gadget and get applying.

No travelling: Since you can now receive flexible loans online, you don’t have to bother about travelling all the way to a store based lender in order to apply. You can save your time and your money that you would otherwise use to commute.

No long queues: You don’t have to worry about waiting for your turn just to apply for a short-term loan. You can now apply at a time that’s most convenient to you without worrying about wasting time waiting in line.

No opening hours: We are accessible 24×7 which means that you can apply at any given time during the day. You can avoid visiting lenders only during their “opening hours” which may mean that you may have to miss out on an entire day’s work and in turn an entire day’s salary since their opening hours may clash with your office timings.

No paperwork: Since application is online, you don’t have to go through the hassle of paperwork. You can just send across the soft copies of the documents we ask you for.

Basic documentation: With no credit checks, no collaterals and no complicated procedures involved, PaydayLoanTeller makes it easy for applicants to get funded.

Flex Loans for Bad Credit Online Available to All

In general, flex loans are better than regular Cash advances. However, if you borrow one from PaydayLoanTeller, you get an added benefit. With us you can avail flex loans for bad credit. Our loans are available to everyone that qualifies according to the state laws. For example, if you are applying for an online flex loan in Tennessee, the laws of Tennessee would be applicable. Therefore, we stick to the applicants’ basic information and their repayment ability. A credit check is simply ruled out. Whether your credit score is 600 or 750, you are treated equally. If you apply for a flex loan with a bad credit score, like any other applicant your loan amount will be in the account on the same day. Furthermore, flex pay installment loans do not impact your credit score negatively as making payment on due is much easier. Borrowers also have the freedom to make early payment without any extra cost, if they wish.



Apply for Flex Loans Online and Always Have Cash in Your Pocket!

Flex loans online are easy to apply and qualify for. As soon as you submit the online application, you get an instant approval and the loan amount is deposited directly into your account. The entire process- from application to repaying the loan- is automated. There’s no need for you to visit a store or take the trouble of paperwork or faxing. However, as we mentioned, according to the estate laws we need your details to check if you qualify. For that you need to:

  • Be an American citizen or resident
  • Be aged 18 or more
  • Have a stable income source
  • Have a bank account
  • Your loan requirement amount must be $1,000 or less
  • Have a Valid SSN

Our flexible short-term loans give 180 days to repay, which is a lengthy period to recover from the shortage of funds. Therefore, whenever you are hit hard by a cash shortage, apply for a flex loan online at PaydayLoanTeller. It is a matter of minutes to apply and get approved! Now, you no longer have to look for flex loans near me” on the internet, just apply online!

Our Flex Loans Are Safe and Secure

When you choose to apply for an online loan, you may be in two minds about it due to the fact that not all of them are necessarily safe to apply for. There are quite a few fraudulent lenders out there, trying to trick people into believing that their offerings are legitimate, whereas in reality they aren’t. They basically trick you into applying for their loans and may leak your confidential information to other lenders after which you may get a ton of calls from different people offering you loans, making it difficult for you to concentrate on work and other chores.



Also, a few of them lure borrowers into buying their loans by first quoting a price by calling it a fee of some kind, after which the borrower may never get funded by them.

Always remember that you’re the one in need of funds and not the lender. Don’t get tricked by such fraudulent lenders who may not keep your information safe.

At PaydayLoanTeller, we have high levels of encryption which ensure that your information reaches us safely when you transfer its soft copies to us. We also don’t give your confidential information to third party lenders and ensure that you get funded before asking you to pay us. Our rates are transparent so that our borrowers know what they’re getting into and calculate the charges before applying for a loan with us. Thus helps them know if repaying us is feasible for them or not. Also, our flex loans ensure that repayment is easy which is why most borrowers apply with us and are satisfied with our services.


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