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Availing Direct Lender Installment Loans for Bad Credit

There is a good chance that you know about payday loans with strict repayment terms from some lenders- most of them are anyway loan matching services. But have you ever availed a direct lender’s installment loan for bad credit? Now you are probably wondering, “Bad credit installment loans from a direct lender?” Yes, at PaydayLoanTeller, a borrower’s request is not approved depending on his/her credit rating. Maybe most lenders do not fund you with small cash loans, but we lend you up to $1,000 with poor credit and a repayment term up to 3 months so that you can improve your credit simultaneously. We do not perform any credit checks, and do not ask you why your credit score is bad. As long as you can payback, we are happy to fund you through online installment loans with instant approvals.

Direct Lenders Installment Loans with Guaranteed Approval

Since we mentioned that your bad credit is not an issue while availing a direct lender’s installment loan with guaranteed approval from us, you might be naturally wondering on what basis we give you approval. Then let us tell you that we will be checking your income status when you apply for funds. You could be self-employed or having a day job, but your income should be adequate to make the monthly payments to get debt free on due. Relax, you will still qualify with a low income. If you are a regular user of our services, you will get further relaxation- that also includes lower APR rates. If you are borrowing money from us for the first time, remember here is your direct installment loan lender for the next time!

Apply for Direct Lender’s Long Term Installment Loans with No Credit Check

To apply and qualify for a direct lender’s long term installment loan with no credit check from PaydayLoanTeller, you must have-

  • A Social Security Number
  • A checking bank account
  • Contact information
  • Income proof
  • Age proof- 18 or more

Whatever is bothering you because you don’t have cash can be dealt with because now you have our back. Apply for a direct installment loan now, and get an approval instantly!

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