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Internet Payday Loans: A Quick Call for Cash


Internet payday loans are in a way better versions of traditional payday loans. Everyone knows that a payday loan from a direct lender is a timely treatment to the cash crunch issue. Be it for a small scale home repairing or fixing a vehicle, or buying a household appliance, whenever there is a need for cash, a payday cash advance is a savior. However, the process of availing money is not that fast at times, neither they are smooth. Sometimes you have to go through a lot of paperwork, visit a store or put a collateral. Some financing companies are not at all flexible. The borrower doesn’t get funded when it is an absolute necessity. Thanks to technology, now anyone can apply for internet payday loans from their phone or computer and get funded the same day from PaydayLoanTeller. That also with a poor credit score!

Why Choose Internet Payday Loans Today

2022 is definitely a part of the digital era, where everything is available online. One can choose to get a traditional loan by going to a bank, but those procedures are time consuming. One can also choose to visit a store offering payday loans, but there are disadvantages to that too. Here is why internet payday loans are the best option today:

When you choose to visit a store based lender, you have no option but to stand in long queues waiting for your turn. You may have to take the day off from work since your work timings may clash with their operating hours. You may therefore lose out on a whole day’s salary as well. Apart from that, you may have to travel back and forth, wasting time and money on the commute.

With internet loans you can avoid all the hassle by applying at any time that suits you the most. You don’t have to travel all the way just to get a small cash advance and you don’t have to worry about losing out on an entire day’s work or salary just to get a short-term loan.

All the Benefits of Internet Loans with Bad Credit


The two most important benefits that borrowers get from such loans are- getting immediate cash and avoiding a traditional credit check. Internet loans with bad credit are for everyone who qualifies, but especially, they are more helpful to the people with poor credit scores. Let us list out all the advantages of internet loans from PaydayLoanTeller.

  • Application process completes in 3 minutes
  • There is no credit check- bad credit ok
  • No paperwork, no store visit, no faxing
  • Instant approval if income, contact and bank information is correct
  • Same day cash with low interest rates
  • Option of paying back in installments
  • Direct deposit up to $1,000
  • Automatic repayment from the bank account, no need of writing a check
  • No hidden fees

Check If You Qualify for an Internet Loan with No Credit Check


As an internet loan company, PaydayLoanTeller has some flexible rules to be eligible for a payday loan over internet with no credit check. However, we follow the state laws strictly. Therefore, you must fulfill these following criteria to get a loan approval-

  • Must be an American citizen or a legal resident
  • Should have a stable income source to prove the ability to pay off the loan
  • The age of the applicant must be 18 or more
  • Should have a valid phone number and email id
  • Must have a bank account for money to be deposited
  • The application form must mention the required amount; the maximum is $1,000.

With these small details once you submit the application, and get the approval, we deposit the money without any delay. Now that internet payday loans have become very convenient, it is time to apply for one and forget your worries.

Get Safe and Secure Internet Loans at PaydayLoanTeller

When you choose to apply for a loan on the internet, you may wonder if that’s the right thing to do considering the number of illegitimate lenders who offer fake loans in cyberspace. You may have heard of horror stories wherein people get scammed by these fake loan lenders, or may have experienced something alike yourself.

Certainly, internet loans are way easier to get than store based ones, but it is important to watch out for scammers. How do you do that? Here are 3 ways you can avoid getting caught in the trap laid down by fraudulent lenders in the market:

  • Transparency: Many a times, the offerings of a lender may seem appealing but their rates may not be transparent. They may ask you for very basic or no documents at all and in the whole process of being able to get a loan so easily, one may forget to check the rates they charge or may not be too worried about that bit, thinking that the rates they charge will be similar to that of other lenders. However, when it comes to repayment, these lenders may charge a ton of money at rates that may seem unreal, and file a complaint against you if you fail to repay your loan at those rates. Always ensure that the rates your lender charges are transparent and are given on their website so that you know how much you shall be needed to repay.
  • Language: The language used on the website should be professional and well-written. If it isn’t so, it may just be a scammer who’s looking at making a few quick bucks which is why they may not spend on content and design. The language used on the website is a very important aspect of any lending company. As they say, “the first impression is the last impression” and that’s how big a role the website in itself plays with the language being a huge part of it.
  • Fee: No one should charge you a fee before lending you money. Some so called lenders may demand a fee even before approving your loan by calling it a processing or an application fee. They may then not even approve your request for a cash advance and pocket the little money that you had left. Don’t forget that you’re the one in need of money and not your lender.

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