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Fill out our 24/7 fast, secure, easy and faxless online payday loan application which takes less than 3 minutes from the privacy of your home.


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Get quick payday loan decision with no credit checks run. We give instant approval for bad credit too.


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Get the approved cash advance deposited directly into your bank account on same day. No collateral no teletrack!

Avail a Payday Loans over the Phone

Payday loans can be applied through a variety of mediums of online physical and third-party lender. But payday loans by phone are the easiest of all. Not only it is convenient enough, it is highly secured as well to apply for a loan over the phone. For every bit of information you share, you can be completely assured of complete confidentiality with no third party interference. Moreover, our loan by phone at PaydayLoanTeller as the direct lender, you have the flexibility of accessing our service 24/7.
Whenever you need, we are ready to provide the cash instantly to you. Once you submit the online application to us, we call you back. Discuss the loan terms in details and deposit the money in your account as soon as possible. Very similar to the online procedure even our payday loans over the phone have an instant decision. You get to know within 1 hour how much you are approved for and get the cash deposited in the account within the same day.

Get a Loans over the Phone with No Credit Check

We try to provide you with the ultimate mobility in borrowing experience, irrespective of your credit score. Hence at PaydayLoanTeller, our loans over the phone have no credit check. As a matter of fact, our loans over the phone has such a fast application and funding process. Our guaranteed phone loan function in the following steps:-

  • Application over the phone – After loan request submission, a representative will call you back, collecting your detailed information, completing the whole application procedure.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions – You will receive instant loan quotation with the detailed terms and conditions. If you are ok with the loan terms sign in the loan document.
  • Get the cash – Select how you would receive the cash and you will be ready with your instant money on the same day.

Apply for a Loan over the Phone with Bad Credit

At PaydayLoanTeller our requirement for providing you an instant payday loan over the phone are very little. You need the following things to complete the loan application procedure:-

  • A US citizenship proof to show you that your age is 18+.
  • A steady and trusted source of income.
  • A bank account with proper details
  • Authentic contact details both a phone number and email id.

So if urgent expenses are knocking your door, get our quick loans over the phone and get cash ready instantly.

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