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How is a Payday Loan by Phone different from a Credit Card Cash Advance?


Today’s financial environment enables people to enjoy life without the need for having to save hard-earned money for a hay day. There are many solutions such as credit card cash advances, payday loans, money apps, etc. that allow people to borrow money quickly when in need. It’s equally easy to get a loan by phone, or a quick cash advance through a credit card app. While you can get a cash advance or a payday loan by phone 24/7, there are basic differences between the working of a credit card cash advance and a payday loan over the phone:

  • Payday loans do not require great credit scores
  • Lenders of payday loans do not require you to have an existing relationship to get cash
  • The loans do not feature compounding interest
  • Credit card cash advances come with lesser interest rates, but these compound if unpaid in full on the due date

Over-the-Phone Loans offer Multiple Advantages

People often consider loans to be hard to get. However, depending upon the type of loan you choose, the ease with which you can get a loan can vary significantly. An over-the-loan phone’s biggest advantages are the ease with which you can apply for it, and the ease with which you can have the loan approved. However, the advantages don’t end at that. Some more cool benefits we offer include:

  • Acceptance of bad credit scores
  • Quick application and approval process
  • Simple qualification terms
  • No need to visit a store or office
  • No need for any paperwork

Why Choose a 24-Hour Payday Loan over the Phone versus a Pawn Lender?

Some pawn-store-based lenders offer payday loans too. Chances are, one or more such lenders are located within your vicinity. But, why choose a 24-hour payday loan over the phone, when a lender is located nearby? Well, the answer is simple – pawn-lenders often are at a disadvantage, which impacts what they offer to borrowers:

  • Lenders that operate through stores and offices tend to incur higher operating expenses, forcing them to charge customers more
  • The processes and procedures incorporated by pawn-lenders tend to be outdated and slow, which result in longer approval times
  • Many pawn lenders require physical store visits by borrowers and expect paperwork to be done
  • Since pawn lenders are less likely to face competition, they’re more likely to offer one-sided deals to borrowers.

Getting Payday Loans by Phone 24/7 is Easier when you Choose PaydayLoanTeller

If you frequently borrow payday loans, you may know that getting a payday loan at 10 am is easier than doing the same at 2 am. However, with PaydayLoanTeller as your direct lender, you can get payday loans by phone 24/7, with similar ease, no matter what time of the day it is. Simply open the online loan application form on your phone and submit the details we require. The automated verification for loan eligibility starts simultaneously and should there be any need for manual intervention, the same is processed in the early hours of the following working day. Securing a payday loan simply takes a few working hours and typically most eligible borrowers are funded within a single day.

And what’s more? The loan process is fully online and that means you can access it from anywhere and at any time. We offer loans of up to $1,500 over the phone and you can reap the benefits of the quick and lean process whenever you need added funds.

Getting Payday Loans over the Phone with Bad Credit Scores

What credit scores do you have? Have you suffered rejection from lenders? Worry not, because you’re just where you need to be. We offer payday loans over the phone based upon stable income, and not upon credit performance. So, no matter what your credit history features and no matter what your credit score is, you can proceed to the loan application with confidence.

Our loans also feature no hard credit checks, allowing you to retain your current credit performance. Given this benefit, some borrowers calculate to use our loans to heal their credit scores too. No hard credit check loans also have the added advantage of featuring a leaner and faster process of loan approval.

Instant Payday Loans over the Phone have Simple Eligibility Terms

If you’re looking for an instant payday loan, you need to know that it’s important to stay reachable on call and by email as you apply for your loan. Here’s what the requirements for applying for a loan are:

  • An age proof (you should be 18 years or older)
  • Bank/checking account details
  • Contact details
  • Social Security Number
  • Your Income statement / Paystubs from the last 3 months

To help make your loan process faster, simply keep these ready before you proceed to the online loan application, and once you fill and submit the requirements, your loan shall be approved instantly after the loan eligibility is verified. Thereafter, you shall just need to accept our loan offer, and the loan shall be processed once that’s done.

Looking for a 24/7 Loans Phone Number? You’re in the Right Place

Simply dialing a phone number isn’t going to get you a loan. Why? Well, the loan process requires the submission of the documents and details that help verify the legitimacy of the loan application and the eligibility of the borrower. Today, the easiest way to get yourself a loan is far easier than dialing a 24/7 loans phone number, noting down an email address, and sending a mail with all the required documents. We offer a simple and streamlined process and our online loan application allows you to fill and submit all the details and documents needed, right from your phone.

Get Loans over the Phone with Our Simple Solution

From the start – the loan application, to the end – the final repayment of the loan, our processes provide a simple solution for your short-term financial needs. All it takes is a 3-minute online loan application and a loan can be approved within just a few business hours. So, why wait? If you face a financial need, simply apply for a suitable loan from PaydayLoanTeller and we shall work on a suitable loan offer for you, subject to your eligibility.

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