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Online Payday Loans In Louisiana

Are you looking for extra cash that can help you get through the month with a little more ease? Payday loans are what you need! You can get easy payday loans in Louisiana online for quick, simple and hassle free funding.

Payday loans are a short term funding option for those who need small amounts of cash immediately. In cases of urgency such as medical emergencies, vehicle repairs, home repairs or travel plans that come up unexpectedly, payday loans are what one can opt for. They are a quick funding solution to your immediate monetary needs.

Online Payday Loans in Louisiana

Payday loans are required to be repaid on the following consecutive pay date of the borrower at interest rates that are higher than traditional loans. However, they offer various benefits that traditional ones don’t which is why people opt for them despite their high rates of interest. Read on to find out why.

We use ACH which transfers funds directly from your bank account to us. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about going down to a store and repaying your loan or about forgetting to do so. With PaydayLoanTeller, both getting funded and repaying are easy, simple and quick.

Why are Online Payday Loans better than Traditional or Store Based Loans?

Imagine a situation in which you may need to urgently visit the dentist due to a severe toothache. You may have just started earning or may not have savings to address the same. The charges of your dentist appointment may be quite high which is why your friends and family may also not be able to lend you enough. Would you then want to wait in line just to apply for a loan, especially when you have a whole day’s work lined ahead of you which you can’t miss, along with the immense amount of pain that you may already be experiencing? If you do so, you may also lose out on a whole day’s earning. Store-based lenders require you to give up on any other tasks that you may have to look into during the day.

Instead of taking out time to travel to one store, then to another and then to another, going through paperwork at all these places only to find out that your loan hasn’t been approved, isn’t it a better option to opt for an online payday loan?

That’s when online payday loans come to the rescue. All you have to do is fill out a 3 minute short form, send across very basic documents that we ask you for and go ahead with the tasks lined up for the day.

Once we receive your documents, we instantly approve your request and transfer funds immediately all with helping you avoid the hassle that you would otherwise go through with store based payday lenders or traditional ones.

Also, since our rates and requirements are transparent, you shall already get an idea about whether you will get approved with us or not.

Why Choose Payday Loans Over Traditional Ones?

Traditional loans are not the best idea to go about when you need cash urgently. Their lengthy approval procedures make it a time consuming process which in turn leads to late transfers, which can take several days to reach you. How are online payday loans in Louisiana given by direct lenders faster to receive?

Now you may be wondering how it is a better idea to opt for a payday loan over a conventional one. Let us explain:

No Waiting in Long Queues: When you apply for a payday loan in Louisiana online, you avoid taking the time to travel all the way to a store that too during opening hours and waiting in long queues. All you have to do is apply online from the comfort of your home and from your smart gadget at hand.

No Collateral Required: With lenders like PaydayLoanTeller, you do not have to worry about providing security. Whether you have a good credit score or not, if you meet the eligibility criteria to qualify as a loan borrower, you do not have to offer collateral at all.

No Credit Checks: We offer online payday loans in Louisiana with no credit check, making funding faster for our borrowers. Then what about those with bad credit? It doesn’t matter to us. Your credit rating is not really of much significance when dealing with us, since that is not something that we depend on when qualifying one as a trusted borrower.

Why Choose Payday Loans Over Traditional Ones

As long as you have a stable income, you are welcome to apply for a loan with us. So along with your income statement what we will need are the following documents:

  • Age proof stating that you are 18 years or above
  • Social Security Number
  • Verifiable contact details
  • Checking account details
  • And your age proof stating that you are above 18 years of age

Instant Approvals: Since we do not conduct lengthy procedures during approval, we approve your loan almost immediately.

Quick Transfers: After approving your loan, we transfer funds immediately which will reach you in 24 hours at the max, depending on the policies of your bank. This also helps you avoid running around to collect your loan.

fast payday loans in louisiana

How Much Money Can You Receive From Us?

While understanding the need for a fair amount of money to address most emergencies with ease, we offer up to $1000. How much you can receive will depend on your income statement since that is the only means by which we can figure out your ability to repay a certain amount, while taking into consideration the loan amount, the interest and additional charges if any.

A $1000 loan can help you get out of your debt cycle if you’re stuck in one. In situations where a borrower needs to repay multiple lenders, a $1000 loan can be beneficial. Once you repay all your existing lenders, you become liable to pay back just a single lender.

Also, everything today comes with a high price tag. If one needs to address a situation immediately that requires a decent amount of money, he/she can avoid the wait by taking a payday loan instead of waiting to go through the whole process that’s involved in borrowing a traditional loan.

Being a considerate direct lender online, PaydayLoanTeller understands the hardships one has to face in life which is why we offer up to $1000 to our borrowers that helps them deal with their situation with ease.

What Are Our Interest Rates Like?

As mentioned earlier, payday loans offer benefits that traditional loans don’t. That’s why, the APRs of these loans are comparatively higher.

However, we are considered to be one of the more affordable lenders in the market and we abide by the laws of every state and ensure not to exceed the limit that lenders are allowed to charge their borrowers.

Our rates are transparent which gives you an idea about the exact amount that you shall need to repay when the time comes and you can choose not to do so if you think that you may not be able to repay us. This makes things easier for you and for us as well.

We also offer rollovers which means that you get to extend your repayment by a few days in case you don’t receive your salary on time or find it difficult to do so on the due date of repayment.

Though we typically charge $30 for every $100 which is quite an affordable rate, our APRs may vary depending on the term (number of days).

Refer to our “fees” page to get a better idea.

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