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Payday Loans in Kansas City, MO

missouri payday loans for debt consolidation

Living in Kansas City which is the largest in the state of Missouri is definitely not a cheap affair. Be it housing (rent), day to day expenses, medical emergencies, etc. almost everything comes with a high price tag. Opting for a MO Payday Loan from a direct lender online is a good option in such a situation. With direct lenders like us, you can avail up to $1000 which can help you deal with your cash crunch with ease, which you can repay on your next pay date. We don’t need you to travel all the way to a store and wait in long queues, because by sparing just 3 minutes from your busy schedule all you have to do is apply online by filling our very basic form. Our documentation requirement is also very basic and include your SSN, age proof which must state that you are at least 18 years old, your checking account details and verifiable contact details and your income statement or pay stub.

By offering $1000 we help our borrowers get out of debt traps since they can use the money to repay their existing lenders after which they shall be liable to a single lender.

Get Missouri Online Loans for Poor Credit

When you choose to apply for a loan with a traditional lender, you may already know that they will conduct a credit check in order to have a look at your past repayments which is a factor that they consider in deciding whether or not to offer you a loan. There are two kinds of credit checks- hard and soft. Hard credit checks can cause a further reduction in the credit rating of the borrower, whereas soft credit checks do not do that. In order to get a detailed report about your payment history, traditional lenders conduct hard credit checks.

Credit scores are divided in different segments depending on what range the score fits in. Here is how FICO labels their credit scores:

300-499: Very poor

500-600- Poor

601-660- Fair

661-780- Good

781-850- Excellent

Missouri Online Loans for Poor Credit

If your score ranges anywhere from 300-600, it can be very difficult for you to get a loan from a traditional lender. For those with “fair” credit ratings, your bank may offer you a loan but at a higher price. Also, these borrowers may have to offer collateral as well in order for the bank to avoid the risk of not being repaid. Instead of going through all that hassle, isn’t it a better idea to get funded by a direct lender when you need a small cash advance in Missouri?

Being a considerate direct lender, we offer Missouri payday loans for people with faulty financial histories so that everyone has a fair chance of being funded. The reason for this is because we know that that a bad credit score may be the result of a bad financial decision in the past, or maybe a faulty repayment. It is also possible that your previous lender failed to update your repayment details on time. However, we do not believe that it is fair for one to be punished right now for a mistake made in the past.

Taking a Payday Loan in Missouri

You should know though, that we do rely on your income statement in order to fund you. Your income statement will be the deciding factor when it comes to qualifying you as a trusted borrower. It will also determine how much you can borrow from us since we offer loans up to $1000.

Build Your Credit Score by Taking a Payday Loan in Missouri

Yes, you read that right! People often take payday loans in order to improve their credit scores. Every time you repay your loan, your credit rating either increases or decreases depending on whether you repay your loan on time or whether you delay the repayment. Since payday loans have to be repaid on your following pay date, it improves your credit rating very soon, if you repay it on time.

How Are Loans From Direct Lenders Better Than Those From Traditional Ones?

Short term loans such as payday and installment loans in Missouri are a great bet if you are looking at getting quick cash. Conventional lenders take ages to approve your loan and transfer funds which can cause a delay in an emergency that demands you to have finances for the same. That’s because they may first want to run a hard credit check on you, ask you for security, etc. which we don’t do. As mentioned above, we will provide you with funds as long as you have a stable income. Because of our basic requirement, it is possible for direct lenders to transfer funds almost immediately after receiving your application/ request for a loan. That is why, with us it is possible to get cash in an hour and in just 24 hours at the max.

Are Online Loans in Missouri Safe?

You may be wary about applying for a loan online due to the number of scammers that are there online waiting to trap you and make some money off of you. Even though online loans are easy to apply for, finding the right lender is important.

Fraudulent lenders who are there to make a few quick bucks may make their offerings seem very appealing by not asking for any kind of document at all. However, they do usually charge a fee prior to approval after which they deny funding. It is wise to avoid applying with such lenders. Also, some lenders may pass on your information to a number of other lenders in the market after which you may get calls after calls for a loan and it may in turn disrupt your daily routine.

PaydayLoanTeller is a direct lender and doesn’t share your information with fraudulent third party lenders. Also, our high levels of encryption ensure that your confidential information reaches us safely. We believe in transparency which is why our rates are displayed on our website which helps you understand how much you will be needed to repay. We also do not ask you to pay a fee prior to approvals which means that you don’t lose out on anything in the slightest possibility that we don’t fund you.

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