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Unable to Get Nevada Installment Loans? Apply for Payday Loans in Nevada Online Instead!

When you decide to apply for a short term loan an installment loan may seem like a better option due to the flexible terms of repayment. However, due to various reasons, not all direct lenders may issue such a loan to you. It may be because you have a bad credit rating or an unstable income, it can also be the other way round- where it may take long to transfer funds which may not be an option for you. In such a case, you can get online payday loans in Nevada on the same day, and the advantage you receive from direct lenders like us is that we allow extensions/ rollovers.

We Offer Payday Loans in Las Vegas at Affordable Rates of Interest

Las Vegas is undoubtedly an expensive place to live in and individuals needing extra cash to deal with the city’s expensive lifestyle is not unheard of. We at PaydayLoanTeller not only offer higher amounts of money in comparison to other lenders offering short term loans, but also provide you with the advantage of getting your 24 hour payday loan in Las Vegas at very fair rates of interest. Not only does this help borrowers deal with their financial crunch with a little more ease, but even repaying becomes trouble-free and inexpensive.

The whole process of borrowing from us- from applying to receiving funds is a super quick experience. Let’s break it down for you:

Application: It takes only 3 minutes to fill our very basic form and all you have to do along with that is submit very simple documents that we require in order to qualify you as a trusted borrower.
Approvals: Once we receive your request that includes your form and documents, we instantly approve your loan since our approval procedure is very simple and includes very simple documentation. In case we do not receive a document that’s necessary for the same, we will get in touch with you.
Transfers: Our transfers are made immediately after approval and you shall receive your loan within 24 hours- which depends on the policies of your bank.

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Looking for Payday Loans in Las Vegas near You? Apply Online Instead!

Payday loans can be availed from direct lenders who are based out of a store or online. If you consider going for a store based one, you will have to go through a lot of hassle that online loans help you avoid. Travelling and applying with them during their opening hours, paperwork, and other such things that not only take up a good amount of your time but also make the whole process quite complicated. Online payday loans in Las Vegas, NV allow you to apply from the comfort of your home and at a time that’s most convenient to you, since we are accessible 24×7.

Instead of looking for “Nevada payday loans near me”, it’s time to look for “online payday loans in Nevada”, and here’s why!

Online application: Our online form takes just about 3 minutes to fill which helps you save a ton of time in comparison to when you visit a store based lender near you which involves waiting in long queues for your turn as well as a huge amount of paperwork.
24/7 access: With store based lenders, you have to wait for them to open and visit them only during their opening hours. This can delay your emergency by a few many hours. When you apply online, all you have to do is grab your nearest smart gadget and visit our website after which you can apply online itself with the very basic documents that we ask for.
Guaranteed approvals: With store based lenders, you may not know who requires what documents. Some may need you to have good credit scores, some may ask for collaterals, etc. However, with online direct lenders like us, funding is assured with very basic documents and all you have to do to know that you will certainly get approved by us is go through our website to know what we ask you for, which takes just a few seconds to do.
No travel time: You can now avoid the time that it takes to travel all the way to a store just to apply for a loan that too without the surety of getting funded. You don’t have to take the pain of waking up, getting ready, booking a cab or driving all the way.
No credit checks: The fact that we don’t conduct hard credit checks makes approvals very fast. Hard credit checks take quite a while to process and come to a conclusion about whether to fund a borrower or not and since we avoid that, we end up approving your loan fairly quickly.
No collateral requirement: Collaterals are asked for as security in case one fails to repay a loan. Collaterals are valuable assets that lenders ask for, and are taken over in case the borrower fails to repay his/her loan. That takes a long while to process and lenders like us who don’t ask for any kind of security pledge, end up approving loans much sooner than those who do.
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Payday Loans in Las Vegas with No Credit Check

How and why do credit checks matter?

Credit checks are conducted by traditional and conventional lenders in order to get an idea about one’s previous repayments. If an individual has made faulty or late repayments in the past, a credit score showcases the same thus giving a lender the idea about how big a risk it may be to offer a loan to that particular individual. Credit ratings are the result of your past financial transactions. They range from 0-850 depending on the teletracking portal that’s being taken into consideration with 850 being the highest.
Credit ratings are broken down into categories. Take for example FICO which is the most widely used credit performance tracking service; it is broken down into various ranges with terms given to all of them for a lender to know how good or bad a borrower’s credit rating is. Here are the ranges given by FICO that start from 300 and go up to 850.

300-499 (very poor): This is the lowest range on the fico score board and makes it very difficult for borrowers with a credit score within this range to obtain finances.
500-600 (poor): A tad bit better than the previous range, this is also a range that represents faulty past repayments and traditional and conventional lenders avoid funding people with such credit ratings.
601-660 (fair): Credit scores that are termed fair do give those who hold it a chance to get funded, but with high rates of interest.
661-780 (good): People with good credit scores get rates that are decent, but may not be the best.
781-850 (excellent): Excellent credit score holders get the best interest rates without being denied funding by any lender at all. Many a times, such holders do not even have to offer collateral that is usually asked for by traditional lenders.

Payday Loans and its Credit Scores

The calculation of FICO credit scores is broken down into the following categories:

  • Payment history that accounts for 35%
  • Amounts owed that make up for 30% of the final count
  • Length of credit history that make up for 15%
  • New credit that accounts for 10%, and
  • Credit mix that takes up 10%

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Hard and Soft credit checks
Hard credit checks are conducted by traditional lenders in order to get a fairly good picture about ones past repayments. This leads to a reduction in the borrower’s credit rating which can be very harmful if the rating is already not the best.

Soft credit checks are usually conducted by direct lenders just to get an idea about the credit rating of a borrower. Not all lenders ask for this information.

Lenders like PaydayLoanTeller do not conduct credit checks and instead ask for very basic documents that once received, assure instant funding (within 24 hours). Now you don’t have to worry about your bad credit score getting worse by avoiding going through hard credit checks.

Apply with us today to get a payday loan in Nevada with no credit check and rest assured that your credit score shall not be hampered in any way!

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