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Coming across a claim like this in today’s world can certainly make you be in two minds about it, especially because of the various fraudsters in the market. However, you should read on to know why we claim to transfer funds in a single day, because there is no denying that it does seem too good to be true!

same day Payday Loans in Ohio

  • Apply in just 3 minutes:– Our application form is so short and basic, that it will take you just 3 minutes to fill it. Unlike store based lenders where you have to wait for your turn, you can just apply for our loan online in a few clicks.
  • We’re accessible 24/7:– We are available to apply for a loan with at any time of the day and on any day of the week. You can choose to apply as per your convenience, and no longer do you have to wait in long queues or visit lenders during their opening hours. This is a great option for those who are committed to other priorities and prefer not taking out too much time just to go and apply for a loan with a brick and mortar lender.
  • We offer payday loans in Ohio with no credit checks:– This is a huge boon since not only does it not waste much time while approving your loan request, but also gives a chance to borrowers with bad credit ratings, to receive finances.
  • We do not ask for collaterals:– This again, saves a lot of time since nobody has to process the documents related to security pledging.
  • Instant Approvals and Quick transfers:– Once received, your loan request will be approved immediately and funds will be deposited to your checking account in no time, which you will receive within just 24 hours depending on the policies of your bank.

Do We Offer 24 Hour Payday Loans in Columbus, Ohio?

24 hour payday loans can refer to two situations:


  • 24 hour accessibility: Yes, we are available to you 24/7. Since we’re a firm that’s based online, our applications are accessible to you at any time of the day and on any day of the week. You’re welcome to apply at a time and day that’s most comfortable to you. This aspect makes it convenient for borrowers to apply without having to specifically take out time to travel down to a store, just to get some extra money. When in need of a short term loan of a few hundred dollars, why waste time going all the way to a brick and mortar lender by missing out on your daily routine, when you can get the money you need online itself? We solve that problem for you.
  • 24 hour transfers: Our transfers are as quick as it can be when talking about quick funding. Once we receive your request for a loan with the documents that we ask for, we shall make sure to instantly approve it and transfer funds immediately. You shall then receive your money within 24 hours depending on the policies of your bank. In case of any doubts regarding your information, we shall make sure to get in touch with you on the contact details provided.

Either way, you can get 24 hour payday loans in Ohio, if you choose to apply with PaydayLoanTeller.

Get Ohio Online Loans for Bad Credit

Bad credit holders often experience difficulties in getting funded by lenders, especially traditional ones. In situations of dire cash needs, things can go out of control if one doesn’t get the money they require as soon as possible.

Imagine this- If an individual’s car breaks down, and commuting via public transport or cabs is inconvenient or expensive, he/she may need money urgently in order to fix the mishap. If the individual waits for too long, it may cause a lot of inconvenience to commute back and forth to work. In order to help you avoid a delay in such situations, we offer payday loans in Ohio even for bad credit. You’re welcome to apply with us without worrying about having bad credit.

Yes, you read that right. If you’re a bad credit holder but need money urgently, you can count on us to fund you in just a day. We do not keep track or consider one’s past financial history in order to fund them. We believe in the present situation of the borrower which is why we offer loans even for bad credit. What we do ask for is for you to have a stable monthly income of at least a $1000. If you do, we shall grant you a loan in no time. Of course, how much you shall be eligible to receive will depend on how much you earn during the month since it’s a payday loan and shall need to be paid back as soon as you receive your next salary.

How Much Can You Receive From Us?

Being a considerate online trusted lender, we offer up to $1000 for you to get through your financial distress with ease. You can use it to cater to emergencies or unexpected situations such as the damage of a household item or a vehicle, to pay off bills, etc. Our rates of interest are affordable which makes opting for a payday loan a good idea if you are confident about being able to repay.

$100- $1000 Payday Loans Online

A payday loan can come in handy for the smallest of emergencies to the biggest of them. Payday loans can be used for:

Online Payday Loans in Ohio

  • Medical emergencies which may cost quite a bit
  • Repairs at home which can cost a few hundred dollars
  • Repair of a vehicle which depending on which vehicle it is, the part that needs to be replaced/ repaired and the brand of the vehicle can cost as little as about a $100 to a $1000.
  • For a travel plan which can cost a decent amount of money in order to book tickets, stay there and cater to the reason for which one is travelling depending on whether it’s for business or a vacation.
  • For home renovations which can cost a lot
  • To celebrate an occasion or a festival
  • To cover necessary expenses in order to get through the month

All these reasons apart from many others can require anything from about a $100 to a $1000 to deal with, which a friend or family may not be able to lend. That’s why, we offer payday loans with the same range. You can now avoid running around looking for multiple loans from multiple lenders and avoid debt traps. Take a single loan to repay a single lender and address your situation with ease.

When You Apply Depends On You!

You may have work to attend to, duties to finish and tasks at home to complete. While trying to balance all of this together, we can only imagine how difficult life can get if you have another task added to your plate to complete, just to get a few hundred dollars- standing in line to get a loan. You can now avoid that by availing an online payday loan from a trusted online lender like us. No faxing, no paperwork and 24/7 accessibility make it easy for borrowers to apply at a time that’s most convenient to them. You can now choose to apply even at 2 a.m. and even on weekends when store-based lenders usually remain shut. All you have to do is take out 3 minutes from your daily schedule and apply it from your smart gadget.

Since our payday loans are online, they are available anywhere in your state. That means that you can get extra money in any part of Ohio, so do not be concerned about that bit. Just pick up your smart gadget at hand and apply away!

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