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Yes, you read that right! At PaydayLoanTeller, we offer online payday loans in South Carolina which you can receive in just 24 hours. It is known that traditional lenders take a long while to fund people due to their long approval procedures that include credit checks, paperwork, faxing, etc. which isn’t the case at all with direct lenders like us.

South Carolina Payday loans with no credit checks– We do not conduct credit checks since we do not depend on your credit rating to approve your loan. Where conventional lenders consider people with bad credit ratings as “high risk borrowers” (which is why they conduct hard credit checks which can result in a reduction in your credit score), we do not do the same. What we do rely on in order to qualify you as a trusted borrower is your monthly income which must be stable. Your income statement will prove the same. That is why, along with a stable income we ask for the following basic documents:

  • Instead of an income statement, you can provide a pay stub
  • You will need to send across your age proof which must be 18+
  • Checking account details are a must for easy transfers and withdrawals
  • Verifiable contact details must be given so that we can get in touch with you as and when required
  • Social Security Number

Online Payday Loans in South Carolina can be applied for at any time- You do not have to worry about travelling all the way to a store in order to apply for a loan when you can apply online. This is a huge advantage for those who are seeking financial aid desperately.

We do not ask for security– A good, average or poor credit score; whatever is your situation, you do not have to worry about offering security since we do not rely on your financial history in order to fund you in the first place.

No paperwork or faxing– All you have to do while applying is fill our online form and send across the required documents online itself. Rest assured that your documents are safe and secure because of our end to end encryption technology and because we keep your information confidential with us.

Instant Approvals and Quick Transfers– In case you miss sending any of the required documents, we will get in touch with you regarding the same. Once we receive all of them, we instantly approve your request and transfer funds immediately. You will hence receive your loan within just one business day since once sent across by us, when it will show up in your checking account will depend on the policies of your bank.

Instant Payday Loans in South Carolina

Unsecured Payday Loans in South Carolina

Imagine a situation in which you require extra funding in order to repair a wall that’s experiencing seepage in your house. You live on rent, don’t own a vehicle and you have very little money left to get through the month.  You ask your family and friends for help, but unfortunately, they can’t afford to lend you money. You also have an undesirable credit score. What do you do?

unsecured-payday-loans-in-kansasThe first thought that strikes you is to visit a traditional lender. So you go ahead with that. However, they first conduct a hard credit check in order to get an idea about your credit history. After that, they ask you for collateral due to your bad credit score. Now, not only do you have a credit score that’s reduced even further due to their hard credit check, but you also do not have anything to offer as collateral since you don’t own something valuable enough.

Does this mean that you’re stuck? Does it mean that you’ll have to wait till your next pay date which is a couple of weeks away to repair your wall? Does this mean that the next 14 nights are going to be sleepless? Absolutely not!

At PaydayLoanTeller, we offer unsecured payday loans in South Carolina for you to address your urgent matter immediately, without worrying about having to offer security of any kind at all. Do we only offer these loans to borrowers with good credit ratings? The answer is a big, fat “NO”!

Even if you have a bad credit score, you can receive these unsecured payday loans from us, since we do not rely on these factors in order to fund you. What we do rely on is for you to have a stable income which should be at least a $1000 for you to be able to repay your payday loan on your next pay date.  As long as you have a stable monthly income, you’re welcome to apply with us after which funding is guaranteed.

Have Bad Credit? You can Still Get an Online Payday Loan!

If you have a bad credit rating, you may have been denied funds in the past or recently as well. Traditional lenders conduct hard credit checks and most often than not, avoid offering funds to those with faulty credit ratings. This makes getting a small amount of money also quite difficult a task to get through and also hampers your credit rating even further this making it even more difficult for you to get funded by another lender.

However, with considerate payday loan lenders like us, you can get a loan even if you have bad credit. Firstly, we do not conduct hard credit checks which is a plus point in itself since it doesn’t hamper your credit score. Secondly, we approve loans based on the current financial status of an individual which requires one to have a monthly income of $1000 or more and is the basis for us to approve a loan. If you do have a stable monthly income, you shall receive your loan in just 24 hours after application which takes just 3 minutes.

Getting an Online Payday Loan is now a Safe Affair

You must’ve come across or heard about fraudulent lending websites on the internet, who sell appealing payday loans but turn out to be scams eventually. This isn’t the case with PaydayLoanTeller as we ensure that your information is safe with us.

Fraudulent lenders offer loans that don’t require documents, but they ask for different kinds of fee even before lending you money. Of course, payday loans are easy to get in comparison to traditional loans, but honest lenders like us still ask for a few basic documents. It is wise not to fall for scamsters who ask for nothing at all since all they’re looking for is making quick money at the cost of people who are in desperate need for money themselves.

Also, there are a lot of third party lenders who circulate your information all over the lending market thus making it inconvenient for you and your personal information unsafe.

PaydayLoanTeller does not ask for any kind of fee before lending money to you and we don’t provide your personal information to fraudulent or illegitimate third party lenders or direct lenders. Also, our high levels of encryption ensure that your information reaches us safe and sound.

Here are 3 points to keep in mind while applying for an online loan in order to ensure that the lender is a legitimate one.


Now getting an online payday loan is as safe as it can get!

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