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Real Payday Loans Online

Everyone needs a loan at some point in their life, and almost all worry about the legitimacy of the lender they have turned to. It’s genuine to fear as there are lenders out there who work with third parties to list your information; they sell your details to match with online lenders of their choice. These lenders also charge higher interest rates. On the other hand, there are real direct payday lenders who work with you without any involvement of a third party; they have lower APRs as well, and they are legitimate too.

When you’re sure of getting a loan online, always make sure to go for a lender who practices safe lending.

What Are Real Payday Loans Online?

Real Payday Loans Online are the loan option you get from a genuine direct lender of payday loans. They are known in the marketplace as legitimate and thrive to provide borrowers with the right loan solution. As real lenders have a secured server where all information is encrypted and kept confidential, there is no need to worry about the safety of the data.

Legitimate Loans Online for Bad Credit

real loans for people with bad credit

For cash advances ranging from $200 to $1,000 when dealing with a bad credit score. PaydayLoanTeller gives real payday loans to borrowers with not-so-perfect credit.

In the case of a traditional lender, where a credit check is mandatory to get a loan, it becomes a hustle and bustle for borrowers who don’t have a perfect credit score; they often get turned down and hence think of other ways to get money. In such instances, some may fall into the trap of illegitimate lenders who can charge you extra or hidden fees. When in such situations, come to a lender who is transparent and clear in their terms.

Real direct payday lenders like us are an ideal choice to get financial relief. We do not conduct credit checks, so your credit scores won’t get affected, and you can easily get money to manage your expenses without any stress. We don’t consider a credit rating because we understand that a bad credit score can result from many factors; therefore, we focus more on other factors. It’ll be unfair to you if we reject you because of that, so as long as you have a stable source of income, we are pleased to fund you

How can I get Payday Loans Online on the Same Day?

Payday loans online on the same day can be possible in some cases where the time of the application submission and loan approval plays a significant role. It is also important to submit the correct information on the application to reduce the time of approval.

No Collateral is needed for Real Payday Loans

A genuine payday loan lender will not ask for anything extra. Giving collateral as a security risk the borrower’s assets as well. PaydayLoanTeller, as a direct lender, does not believe in asking for collateral from its borrowers to qualify you for a loan.

Why get Legit Online Loans From Direct Lenders?

There are several benefits to getting real online payday loans from direct lenders. They eliminate the travel time required to go to a lender’s store hence no long queues and waiting time. No paperwork is needed to fill in the application, and they are easily accessible online as these loans are for every kind of borrower, so people with a bad credit score can apply too. Lastly, our loans require only basic eligibility criteria to be met, such as name, age, and personal and financial information.

PaydayLoanTeller: Real Direct Payday Lender

Actual Payday Loans requirements

We have over years of experience in providing real payday loans to borrowers with bad credit. At PaydayLoanTeller, we give payday loans that come with a simple application process. We only have a few eligibility criteria. They are:

  • You should be 18 or above
  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of the United States
  • A valid SSN is required
  • Your income should be regular from the last three months.
  • You must hold an active checking account
  • You have valid contact information

To get a loan from us, all you need to do is to fill out the application with these details and submit them. Remember to cross-check each one to risk rejection, and you’re good to go. PaydayLoanTeller payday loans come with flexible repayment and the convenience of applying from anywhere.


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