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Let’s know how much of your wages can be garnished!

Ignoring to pay back your debts may result in the wage garnishment. This is a judicial process of authorizing a bank or an employer to deduct a certain sum of money from one’s bank account, on failing to repay any of his/ her loan amount. But there is a limitation on the amount that is supposed to be deducted. The maximum possible percent of wages can be garnished is lower of the below two stated amounts: –

    1. 25% of your net disposable income, or
    2. An amount exceeding 30 times of the federal minimum wage.

This percent of garnished wages will not cease until your entire loan is repaid. But the good thing is there are a few ways on how we can prevent ourselves from paycheck deductions.

Steps to prevent the wage garnishment!

Lenders can garnish your wages only after a judgement is passed by the court. There are few points that you should know to prevent your wages from garnishing.

  • Wage garnishment are not being performed deliberately by a lender like PaydayLoanTeller. You should first communicate with them and discuss about some easy repayment options.
  • You should take an account that the percentage of your deduction of your paycheck is not more than the permitted limits.
  • You can also file a case for bankruptcy to get rid of these garnishments.
  • Take a look at the judgement of the court and check if everything is correct. Actually, none except the court could garnish your wages.
  • Create a loan rehabilitation fund where you start saving a small part of your monthly earnings to pay back your loan.

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