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Defaulting on a payday loan?

When you default on a payday loan you might be getting a thought on your mind, “can a payday loan lender garnish my wages?” So, let us make this point clear to you that a payday lender alone and all by themselves cannot perform wage garnishment. But the first step of the payday lender will definitely be to sue you for the amount you owe to them.

And, only after a judgment passed by the court, a lender will be able to garnish your wage directly either from your paycheck or collaborating with your bank. But, there are still many chances for you to prove yourself not guilty or at least defend yourself.

What steps can be taken to avoid wage garnishment?

You should never think that if you have taken a loan of an amount as low as $100, no one can file a suit against you. As soon as a favorable judgment is passed in their favor, they can sue you and garnish your wages.

Let’s look at the ways on how you can avoid a wage garnishment: –

  • Try hard to negotiate with the lender at the first stage only and always start with a smaller amount for settlement. And, responsible lenders like PaydayLoanTeller encourages negotiations, instead of moving ahead and sue its borrowers.
  • Never skip a court summon as a lot of debt collectors take you to the court aiming for the same thing. If you don’t show up in the court, they will, by default, win the battle against you.
  • Always know your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and fight back if any debt collector crosses their line.

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