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At times, it happens that you need to pay off your utility bills or need to pay for your car repairs or want money to buy your favorite pair of shoes, but you are left with almost no money available and can’t even borrow it from a traditional lender as you have a bad credit score. Then, the major question that comes to your mind while searching for a right loan about the payday lender is ‘Do they run your credit for a payday loan?’ Or will check my credit score or not. Well, to give you a straight forward answer would be – ‘No’, if and only if you get the loan through a legitimate lender like PaydayLoanTeller. The biggest benefit of availing a payday lending is they don’t keep a check on your credit and therefore provide you with an amount, not exceeding $1000, instantly. You can apply to their loans online, without any usage of papers, fax machine, etc. without standing for long hours in a line. With this, you get to avoid your unexpected financial crunches as and when it arises. The repayment process is also very simple; the loan amount gets automatically deducted from your bank account on the very next payday, along with the amount of interest.

Don’t Ignore the Required Qualifications

There are a few qualifications that are to be fulfilled by you before you apply to the payday loans. You should not be aged more than 18 years of age; you should be a resident or citizen of USA; should have SSN card, driver’s license, checkable bank account number and a contact number with valid address proof. If you are done fulfilling with all these basic requirements, you can now fill in the loan application form and submit it.

So, now avail for a payday loan without worrying about the fact, ‘do payday loans require a good credit score’.

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