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Installment loans don’t affect your credit score

An Installment loan is a type of loan which is paid off in multiple installments over a definite period of time. Installment loans will only affect your score when you don’t pay them back to the lenders. Though, paying off such loans on time doesn’t, generally, improve or hurt your credit score as these loans are granted to you without a hard credit check being done on your credit history. So, people even with a bad credit history can avail poor credit installment loans.

Cash advance loan lenders or a collection agency don’t necessarily inform about your timely payments to the national credit bureaus. But, they are more likely to report about your unpaid loans.

What happens if your credit score is impaired?

There are many people with a thought, ‘Will my credit score is affected by installment loans?’ Well, yes timely payments may not improve your credit scores. Whereas, delay in paying off your installment loans affect your credit scores negatively. Therefore, it is always advisable to pay off all of your loans on time. Because the next time when you go to a traditional lender for getting any secured loan or personal loan; you might not be fit to get them. Actually, the traditional lenders run a ‘hard credit check’ on all your previous credits. And, one untimely payment or non-payment of one loan can show up in your history and you may not be granted to take the loans you need.

The effect of non-repayment of credit can stay on your credit history for ten long years.

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