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Collectors are prohibited from showing up at your workplace

Only a debt collector is bound by the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA); the creditors are not. Therefore, a collector can’t come to your job or your workplace but, a creditor can anyway contact you in any manner without going against the law. It is also compulsory for you to inform them about the timings when they can’t call you or you can’t file a complaint about them.

Also, it is permissible for a debt collector to contact your office and inquire about you. It’s not illegal. But when a collection agency calls your colleagues, boss, friends, family, etc. and disclose them about your debts or publicize your unpaid debts any way; the action will turn unlawful.

Debtors must know their rights

So, debt collectors showing up at your job is illegal until you warned them. Now there are some more laws that you should know about, that a debt collector does but is not supposed to do.

  • As per FDCPA, calling your debtor more than once in a day is harassment and is not permitted by law.
  • Debt collectors are not allowed to abuse its debtors or even threaten him/ her.
  • Collectors are prohibited to even call you before 8 am and after 9 pm.
  • Your creditor nor your debt collector can arrest you unless there is a court order passed stating so.
  • You must beware of frauds who claim themselves to be government officials or represent themselves as they work for a credit reporting company and demand for your unpaid debts.

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