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Payday loans never help your credit score to grow

A payday loan is not basically made to affect your credit rating. These loans are one stop solution for people in need of urgent cash, as these loans can be availed without a credit check. Therefore, even if you don’t get a personal loan from a traditional lender because of your bad credit; you can still get your debt from a payday lender. This is the reason why the lenders of such loans do not necessarily report to the national credit bureaus about your successful payments as they do not tend to check the borrower’s credit score before. Hence, these loans never exactly help you to increase your credit rating.

But, it can hurt your credit score

Generally, the cash advance loans are supposed to be repaid within your next paycheck. But when you fail to repay it on time then payday loans affect credit score negatively. The best way to avoid the negative effects of payday lending is to pay back the loan on time.

Not just a bad impact on your credit score; not paying off your debts can also take you to the court. Though, there cannot be any imprisonment but, you can face a wage garnishment based on the judgement passed on his favor. Having said that these loans are really helpful at the time of emergency; these can also have severe effects on you if you do not pay on time.

The next time when you go to a traditional lender for a personal loan, they will perform a hard credit check and will come to know about your untimely payments or even non-payments. This, in turn, can provoke them to not provide you with any kind of financial assistance.

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