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What a debt collector cannot do?

In order to get the money from you, there are a few lies debt collectors will often tell. Let’s have a look at such lies below: –

  • You may get a call in the name of debt collection, where they pretend to be one of the government officials.
  • They would be lying if they say that you may get arrested for not paying off your debt. Because they are not authorized to arrest you merely for not paying off loans.
  • They may threaten you by saying that they can garnish your wages if you fail to repay your debts. But, do not worry because unless the court tell debt collectors to do so; they cannot. And, for this, they will have to sue you first.
  • The collectors may frighten you by saying that your credit score will get disrupted. But no one is authorized to provide false information in your credit report.

What a debt collector can do?

The process of credit collections of any debt should not, in any way harass or threaten the consumers. But, if you really owe money to them, then they can sue you for the remaining unpaid amount. You may have to go to the court for not repaying your payday loan. And, if the debt collection agency wins the case then the court may pass judgement for your wage garnishment. Therefore, communicate with the lenders and try to convince them to not escalate the matter further and get it settled between the two parties itself. Fair lenders like PaydayLoanTeller will always agree for easy settlements.

Though, you can any day make a complaint against the collectors if they don’t follow any of the FDCPA laws or go beyond the federal laws.

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