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Can A Debt Collector Sue You?

If you fail to pay your debts, a debt collection agency could take court into action. Also, you may have to face a court summon on failing to repay your loans. It is always advisable to respond to the suit filed against you and not avoid it. If you avoid a lawsuit, the debt collectors will win the case by default. Good creditors like PaydayLoanTeller, would never want to take you to the court and settle the issue between both the parties.

So, if you are among the one who is planning to take up a payday loan and are in a dilemma ‘whether a debt collection agency will take me to the court or not?’ Then the answer to your dilemma is ‘Yes’. But, they still will not be able to send you to jail on the basis of this.

What Should You Do If You Are Sued?

Your debt collector could contact you several times before taking the case to the court to threaten and harass you; don’t be afraid of any of these incidents. There are a few steps that you should definitely follow if you have to face a court summon.

  • You should make sure you respond to the suit personally or hire an attorney and make him/ her respond on your behalf.
  • Know all your rights and the limits that the collectors can’t cross in order to collect their loan. You can file a lawsuit against your collector any day if they cross their limits.
  • Lastly, you should inevitably follow the court’s proceedings.

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